From waste reduction to food production

Starting to get enthusiastic about this? RotterZwam has other products and services to make things like CSR, the value of ‘waste’ and circular economy tangible.

For example:

  • Internship for entrepreneurs to start a mushroom farm in there own city [read more]
  • A worm farm that converts 2 kg of organic ‘waste’ per day into first class compost [read more]

We can help you convert your ‘waste’ into profit. RotterZwam has over 2,5 years of experience converting coffee ‘waste’ into gourmet mushroom.

Our vision

      From waste reduction to food production

Our mission

      To convert the largest amount of coffee grounds in to food. At your place, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world.

Core values

* Collaboration replaces competition.
We believe in inspiration. Let us collaborate and together make the world a better place!

* Don’t find customers but work on building relations.
Just sales is not our game. We go for long term solutions by entering into valued relationships.

* Blue economy based on open source Think global and act local.
Share all you have, and you will receive more.